Sulhu-Alheri Ne: Replacing Evil with Something Better: Promoting Alternative Peacebuilding Narratives

The Sulhu Radio Program forms part of the Centre for Democracy and Development's (CDD) efforts to promote initiatives that resolve unaddressed grievances, support forgiveness, healing, reconciliation, and reintegration at the community level across affected communities in northeast Nigeria and the Lake Chad region. The project has involved rendering support and engagement to state and non-state actors to develop Sulh Alheri Ne alternative narratives; peacebuilding training and capacity building for relevant actors; and the airing of 52 episodes of live and audience phone-in programs on educating, enlightening and disseminating peacebuilding narratives to victims and their families. These programs – equally split between Hausa and Kanuri - took place between 10 May 2020 and 1 November 2020 and focused on restoring peace and encouraging reintegration and reconciliation through messages of forgiveness, healing and peace.

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