Prospects for Transitional Justice Initiative in the Northeast Nigeria

The decline of Boko Haram attacks in North East Nigeria indicates that the country is gradually drifting towards the post insurgency era.

In March 2017, the Nigerian army hosted the Nigerian Army Small Arms Championship in the Sambisa forest (previously a Boko Haram stronghold) to reflect its control of the Sambisa Forest. In the same vein, some communities in Madagali Local Government Area, Adamawa State have started to celebrate victory over Boko Haram and the return to normalcy in their communities with cultural dances and the ’durba' (horse display). Nonetheless, other communities in the North East are less enthusiastic about the projected victory over the insurgents.

They are yet to recover from the trauma of the atrocities committed by the insurgents, which includes loss of lives, property and livelihood. Those who have been displaced fear returning to their communities due to sporadic attacks from Boko Haram members who have infiltrated the remotest areas. Boko Haram presence is within a 2km radius of some communities.

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