A cross section of students during Buharimeter Quiz Competition

As part of activities to popularize the Buharimeter initiative among Nigerian youths and indoctrinate the tenets of democracy among Nigerian youths, the Centre for Democracy and Development in partnership with the Centre for Information, Technology and Development recently organized a quiz completion among secondary schools in Kano. The event was supported by the Open Society Initiative for West Africa (OSIWA)

The objectives of the quiz was to foster involvement of students in secondary schools in Nigeria in Buharimeter initiative. Also to broaden their understanding on the importance of accountability and transparency to democracy improvement. And to instill culture of accountability and transparency in the students as a way of building national attitude towards nation-building. The Buharimeter is should be recalled is an initiative of the Centre for Democracy and Development designed to monitor the implementation of the campaign promises of the All Progressives Congress (APC).

The event had in an attendance eleven secondary schools namely:
1- Mai Kwatashi Girls
2- Fatima Mohammed GGSS
3- Rumfa College, Kano
4- GTC Kano
5- DK science College
6- Day Science College
7- Kano Capital Girls
8- CS Bukabo
9- First Lady’s College
10- GSC Garko
11- CSTC Kano

During their opening remarks at the event Abibata Barry of CDD and Kabiru Dakata of CITAD both re-emphasized the importance of getting the youth involved in issues around the democratic development of the country. The called on the kids to make use of the opportunity to exhibit their talents. The online social media platforms of the Buharimeter were introduced to the students. The students were urged to closely follow the platforms so they can be informed about the progress of the governments and its efforts to deliver democratic dividends to Nigerians. After three rounds of competition Rumfa College Kano emerged victorious while DK Science College and Kano Capital Secondary were second and third respectively.

In his closing remarks, Mr. Bachir Moctar thanked the organisers for putting together the event. He was confident that the knowledge acquired by the students would help in their understanding of democracy. The Buharimeter intiative he said was a very laudable one and something that should be replicated at the state level in Nigeria. The representative of the deputy governor of Kano State, Mr Idrissu Hamisu like commended the organisers for putting the event together and thanked them for choosing Kano State to hold the event.

Students and teachers present said they were satisfied with the event and were highly enthused about the knowledge they had acquired at the event. The called on more of such events to be organized in the future.

The students and the teachers all said their satisfaction and seek for more schools to be carried along the process in Kano and other states of Nigeria