Human Right Guidebook

In an attempt to address the needs of local human rights groups, this guidebook has been composed to guide local actors on the basic principles and best practices of upholding human rights. It is written for all those who put their lives on the line in their work to monitor, document, report and publicize human rights violations. This includes civil society organizations (CSOs), activists, development workers, women leaders, journalists and lawyers. Its purpose is to strengthen the capacity of these groups and individuals to be effective agents of positive change both in the local communities where they work, as well as in the national and international networks of which they are a part. This guidebook is a tool to help users navigate the process of monitoring, documenting, and reporting human rights violations, as well as advocating for victims, in conflict zones of West and Central Africa. It provides simple steps and practical guidelines for safe and effective human rights work. It also equips users with a rudimentary background in human rights law, as well as familiarization with available mechanisms for combating violations and seeking justice for victims.

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