Ibrahim Nyei

Areas of Expertise: Election Observation, Democracy, West Africa, Liberia

Ibrahim Nyei is a researcher and activist who possesses more than ten years of experience as a public servant and newspaper columnist. 

He has worked with the Governance Commission of Liberia, serving in multiple capacities as the Program Manager and Senior Policy Analyst for Political and Legal Reforms and was a research fellow with Adam Smith Fellowship with the Mercatus Centre located at George Mason University from 2018-2019. 

He has spent the last few years of his career supporting international and regional efforts directed at building and sustaining Africa’s democracy. He has served on numerous occasions as an international election observer for the African Union and the Economic Community of West African States. He has observed elections in some of Africa’s most troubling and problematic contexts such as in Mali (2013), Guinea Bissau (2014), Egypt (2015) and Nigeria (2011 and 2015) and in other less troubled contexts such as Zambia (2016).

Nyei holds a PhD at the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London, an MA in Public Policy from Maastricht University in the Netherlands and a BA in Political Science from the A.M.E. University in Liberia.