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De-Radicalization, counter-Terrorism and Migration in Northern Nigeria (DCM)

Peace in West Africa

CDD is collaborating with the Economic Committee of West African States (ECOWAS) to strengthen and institutionalize the Council Wise in the region. Our engagements include training on conflict prevention and mitigation for the traditional and religious institution. We are also working with the regional bloc to develop ECOWAS Transitional Justice Framework, in line with the African Union Transitional Justice Policy (AUTJP) and popularize the African Union Transitional Justice Policy (AUTJP) across member states. We are also working on building the capacity of civil society organisations to promote peace, justice and reconciliation.

West Africa Insight

West Africa Insight seeks to expand the knowledge flows on trends, innovations, and challenges across West Africa by monitoring trends as they unfold and fill in the paucity of data on West African Affairs. Through our bi-monthly publication, we provide analysis on emerging trends and innovations in West Africa in a format that will enable citizens and policymakers develop competences to make informed decisions that bolster regional growth and development. Also, we are currently carrying out social vulnerability assessment of West Africa, and produce a podcast on governance, peace and security issues in the region. For more information please visit

Promise Tracking

We have also provided technical support to civil society groups for the implementation of Presimetre ( and convened West African civil society meeting on promise tracking. Following the regional-wide promise tracking meeting held in Cotonou in 2016, CDD also provided technical support civil society actors in Guinea, Benin and Niger in conceptualizing and operationalisation of promise tracking platforms.  Currently, we are working with partners in The Gambia and Liberia to set up Barrow-meter and Weah-meter in the countries respectively. This aligns with CDD agenda to create regional promise tracking group to tackle the culture of political deceit by politicians during electioneering process in West Africa.  (

Democratic Strengthening in Burkina Faso

In the Centre’s quest to promote democratic governance across West Africa, this project was launched in 2015 in Burkina Faso. During this period, the country was coming out of the political turmoil which arose from the social movement, “Balai Citoyen”, which ended the regime of Blaise Compaore. Amongst interventions we have implemented include peace pact, first ever presidential debate in the country, civic education and radio programmes.

Following a region-wide stakeholder’s constitutional review workshop organised in Abidjan, Cote D’Ivoire, the Centre, together with her partners conducted a nationwide perception survey on the constitution review process to mainstream citizens voice into the amendment process.  The findings were presented to the Constitutional Committee as citizens input into the amendment process. carried out a nationwide perception survey on constitutional review process in Burkina Faso and presented the report to for consideration.

We are also engaged in countering violent extremism in Burkina and after our recently organised policy dialogue to examine the rise, challenges and drivers of violent extremism in the country, We are at the moment strategically engaging partners on capacity building initiatives.   CDD continues to support the democratic process in Burkina.

Monitoring ECOWAS Counter-Terrorism Strategy and Its Implementation Plan for Justice and Security

The Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) on 28 February 2013 adopted ECOWAS Strategy for Combating Terrorism and Its Implementation Plan.  The principal purpose of the Declaration and Strategy is to prevent and eradicate terrorism and related criminal acts in West Africa while creating conditions conducive to sound economic development and ensuring the well-being of all citizens in the ECOWAS region.  The Strategy gives effect to regional, continental and international counter-terrorism instruments and provides a common operational framework for action.

Thus, this project is to monitor the effectiveness of the mechanism and regional efforts in dealing with terrorism in West Africa. Our engagements under this component include a Regional Response Tracker showing specific activities of extremist groups in the Sahel, monthly Factsheets on terrorism-related advocacy in West Africa training of regional CSOs and Journalists on ECOWAS Counter-Terrorism Strategy and Implementation Plan, and dialogues with relevant stakeholders

Monitoring Human Rights in the Lake Chad Basin

The project is conceptualized to put power in the hands of local groups and human rights defenders in the Chad Basin by strengthening their capacity in documenting, reporting and holding perpetrators of Human Rights Violations, (state and non-state actors) in terrorism and counter-terrorism accountable.  This project was conceptualized in response to obvious threats on rights of citizens in conflict-ridden zones in the Lake Chad Basin (LCB) by the activities of the Islamic State in the West Africa Province (ISWAP), Boko Haram, and other extremist groups. The counter-terrorism efforts of the state actors are also alleged to be marred by series human rights violations. These include the use of torture, arbitrary arrest and detention, rape and other forms of sexual assault, prolonged pre-trial detention and killing of estimated 20,000 civilians. The Project is ongoing in Niger, Cameroon and Chad. For more information visit

Pastoralist and Farmers Conflicts

he Centre, continue to engage in the pastoralists and farmers conflict ravaging Nigeria and West Africa. CDD has undertaken several types of research and engaged governments on the conflicts. Our next focus of engagement is to look at the transhumance