Is the Kaduna State Religious Preaching (Regulation) Law of 2019 meant to frustrate Christians?

Verdict: False

Claim: Several online blogs have claimed that the Kaduna State Religious Preaching (Regulation) Law 2019 is specifically enacted to target Christians in the state, and some have accused El-Rufai of abolishing vigils, and other Christian observances. “It is designed to frustrate the Christians from celebrating Christmas, Easter and other vigils in the state. It is obnoxious and criminalises any person who plays religious cassette or uses a loud speaker for religious purposes between the hours of 11pm and 4am”.

Facts: On June 7, the Kaduna State House of Assembly passed the law entitled, “Kaduna State Religious Preaching (Regulation) Law, 2019”. The bill for this law was actually presented to the house as far back as 2016, but suffered setbacks due to criticisms from both Muslims and Christians. Since 1980, Kaduna State has experienced a very high number of incidents of ethno-religious violence, often with tragic consequences. This new law has been established to regulate religious preaching in the interest of public safety by reducing the possible use of religion for incitement. Kaduna State has historically paid a heavy price for religious violence, this law is an attempt to curb that violence, and it does not target any one religion.

Conclusion: This claim is false as the law is not seeking to abolish, stop or prevent the freedom of religion or religious beliefs, as that would be unconstitutional under section 38 (1) of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria 1999, which protects every individual’s right to freedom of religion and observation of religion. etc