Gender Issues in 2019 General Elections

Historically, gender and women’s issues have not gained national saliency and visibility in general elections across the country. The 2019 election is no different as the economy, corruption and security have been the key themes driving the elections. Nevertheless, women are becoming more politically engaged and savvy, making gender-based policy demands on candidates in exchange for their votes. INEC revealed that more women than men registered in the extension of voters registration. Of the 13,634,414 million newly registered voters, 7,386,583 million were females, and 6,247,8311 million were males. This is an interesting development and confirms the idea of women’s increasing political engagement, as men have usually participated more than women in electoral process. Of the 84, 004,084 million people registered to vote in the first instance, 52.86% (44,405,439) were males and 47.14% (39,598,645) were females.

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Gender Issues – 2019 elections