West Africa

Promoting Peace, Justice and Reconciliation in North East, Nigeria during Ramadan.

As part of her effort towards fostering peace, reconciliation and reintegration in Borno State. The Centre for Democracy and Development (CDD) organised a radio program in the auspicious month of Ramadan 2019. This is the second edition of the Ramadan radio program with the first edition held in 201...
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SPECIAL REPORT: Despite Successes, Payment Hitches, Insufficient Cooks, Others Slow Buhari’s School Feeding Programme

The excitement at Eva Valley Primary School 1, Enugu, on a recent Thursday morning was palpable. The pupils could not wait for the food vendor, Agochidima John, to serve the food herself. While she prepared to serve the meal, which happened to be okpa (a staple delicacy widely eaten in the South-eas...
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Nigeria’s 2019 elections: The preparations, people and prospects by Idayat Hassan

With less than a year to go, how are preparations going? Who is running? What will be the key issues? It is now less than a year before Nigeria’s critical general elections. In those polls, currently scheduled for 16 February and 2 March 2019, tens of millions of citizens will vote in wh...
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