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Ms. Idayat Hassan, Director of CDD welcomes particpant to the first edition of the Nigerian Political Parties Discussion Series (NPPDS)

Ms Abibata Barry alongside other participants at the launch of the perspective Study Report on Mali in Bamako

Abibata Barry of CDD alongside other participants at the launch of the Perspective Study Report on Cote d' Ivoire

The NPPDS with Imoni Amarere, Alh. Lai Mohammed and Dr. Katchy Onunuju

Participants at the CDD/Facebook training on Social Media use for CSOs and Political Parties

Policy Dialogue on the Future of Democracy and Peace in West Africa: Celebrating ECOWAS at 40

    The Center for Democracy and Development (CDD), in collaboration with the Economic Community of W...

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Matters arising from the Voting Phase during the Nigeria 2015 Governorship and State House of Assembly Elections

Introduction Following the mostly punctual and orderly accreditation of voters, actual voting commenced on schedul...

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CDD calls for the Immediate Prosecution of Electoral Offenders during the Governorship and House of Assembly Elections

As the Governorship and State Houses of Assembly Elections are being concluded, there are mixed feelings regarding ...

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Questions découlantes de la phase de vote des gouverneurs et des parlementaires en cours au Nigeria

  Introduction Après la phase de l'accréditation qui s’est deroulee de facon ponctuelle et ordonnée, le vote...

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Voter Education Project in Kano State

   The project seeks to promote issue-based politics and violence-free election in Kano State by educating potential voters on how to make ...

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A Field Research on: Rural Banditry and Conflict in Northern Nigeria

  Although conflicts exist between farmers, pastoralists, gatherers, hunters and fishermen, it is the conflict between farmers and pastoralist t...

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Monitoring &Evaluation of OSSAP MDGs-DRG Projects

The monitoring and evaluation process of the MDG/DRG projects and programmes is a conscientious assignment under the auspices of the OSSAP – MDGs cond...

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Promoting Peace and Credible Elections in Kaduna State

ObjectiveTo promote violence free election in Kaduna state in Pre, Election Day and post 2015 general elections. Expected ResultImproved understandin...

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Perspectives on West Africa towards 2015-2017

The project is implemented by the Centre for Democracy and Development (CDD) with support from the Open Society Initiative for West Africa (OSIWA). Th...

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West Africa Trends: Monitoring to Positively Influence the Future

West Africa Trends: Monitoring to Influence Positively Project focuses on issues across the region, highlighting trends, possible implications whether...

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The Nigerian Political Parties Discussion Series (NPPDS): Promoting Democratic Consolidation in Nigeria

  The project is conceptualised to promote issue-based politics and democratic accountability in the 2015 general elections. To achieve this pri...

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